Top 5 Emerging Travel Destinations in Africa

Posted on 10 March 2019 (0)

Do you want to be ahead of the 2019 travel trends? If yes, you most likely want to know the emerging destinations for travelers across the world. Some destinations have won the annual Reader Award severally. After a long conversation with Mr. Art T. of GT Roofing & Construction, he shared his tips on this subject and explained that these are the places that you should travel to, if you are traveling this year. Here are the top 5 emerging travel destinations in Africa that you should visit this year.

Diani Beach, Kenya

The Diani Beach in Kenya was at some point a hidden gem that only the locals knew. However, it has now bust onto the Kenyan tourism scene. It features powdery white sand, aquamarine water, and cerulean. Traveling to this destination between February and April gives you a chance to swim alongside the whale sharks. This is also an ideal destination for taking up kite-surfing. You can also go on a Safari trip and enjoy first-class cuisine at this destination.


West Africa is yet to develop as a major travel destination like the other parts of the continent. However, Ghana seems ready to take that mantle. This country has a rich culture. It has abundant wildlife and idyllic beaches. Its economic and political stability has also enabled it to scale up its tourism industry. Traveling to Ghana gives you an opportunity to surf, visit the amazing Cape Coast Castle, and see the wildlife at the Mole National Park.


The once-decimated population of wildlife in Malawi has re-emerged. This year is the best time to explore the Nkhotakota and Majete Wildlife Reserves. These present an opportunity to experience the wildlife up close without enduring the overstuffed vans and jeeps caravans that are popular at safari destinations. Lake Malawi has colorful fish and pristine waters that you will enjoy exploring.

St. Helena

This is the place to go when you need an exile to a magical place. This remote, tropical island located far off the African coast has a fascinating history. For instance, this is the place where Napoleon was exiled by the British authorities. The knowledge that Mr. Bonaparte enjoyed the breathtaking natural wonders, lush interiors and rugged coastlines will make you feel for him.

Lagos, Nigeria

Travel to Lagos when you need a truly sensory experience. This city is colorful and chaotic with high and hectic energy. Traveling to Lagos gives you a chance to enjoy an authentic and unique travel experience. Visit the Nike Art Gallery, Nok in Victoria Island, or relax at the Jazzhole Bookstore. There are also many beaches in Lagos and performances that you can attend.

Visit any of these emerging travel destinations in Africa for an authentic and unique experience.

Insurance Tips for Safe Snowboard and Ski Trips

Posted on 21 June 2019 (0)

When planning to make ski and snowboard trips, it’s important to ensure that you have adequate protection. The best way to do this is to get adequate travel insurance. Here are insurance tips that you can follow to make sure that your snowboard or ski trip is safe.

Check Your Health Insurance Range

Before you make a snowboard or ski trip, check your health insurance range. This is because if your health insurance range extends within your residential state’s range only you will incur out-of-network costs if you travel to a different state and need medical care. Therefore, check your health insurance range to ensure that you will be covered for transportation and medical care bills. That way, you won’t have to worry about issues like missing a turn and tumbling into a tree thereby requiring a surgery.

Know the Limits of Hazardous Sports and Make Sure that they are Covered

Your travel insurance cover may include incidents caused by snowboarding and skiing. However, some do not provide coverage for this. Therefore, find out what is covered by your plan and the limits. For instance, some plans have a limit for skiers when it comes to skiing outside marked trails. You will also not be covered if you go skiing then accident occur while under the influence of something. Therefore, be careful about this.

Consider Travel Delays

Travel delays can occur outside the airport. For instance, the road to the ski resort can be close. This can lead to delay and make you incur other expenses. Your travel insurance policy can cover these costs if it has adequate delay protection. But though the plan can have its limits, it will ease the involved pain.

In addition to these tips, it’s important to get a plan that covers stolen or lost equipment. This is very important because their replacement can be expensive. Nevertheless, following these insurance tips for safe snowboard and ski trips will help you get an ideal protection.

Why International Languages are Important to a Traveler

Posted on 30 March 2019 (0)

When traveling, you will enjoy numerous advantages if you know certain languages. In some cases, you need international communication to travel. Here are some of the reasons why international languages are important to a traveler.

International Languages are used in Different Countries

During your travels, you can look for a local that speaks your native language. However, Chinese and English for instance are not used across the globe. Thus, you can’t depend on them only unless when visiting countries that use any of these or both of them as their official languages. But, if you can speak a third language, you will have better chances of communicating with the locals in more countries. Learning an international language will enable you to travel to different locations more comfortably. The ability to speak some international languages will open many doors for you in some places.

Learning an International Language Teaches You about Different Cultures

The modern world is more connected. Learning multiple languages enables you to establish stronger relationships. Learning an international language entails more than just memorizing phrases and terms. That’s because a language is intrinsically connected to a culture. Therefore, when you learn a language, you learn about the history of its speakers and reflect on what influences their culture. Thus, learning an international language teaches you about the present, past, and future of the world and the language.

Learning an International Language Makes You a Savvy Traveler

You will level up travel skills when you learn an international language. That’s because when you can speak an international language, you can easily communicate with locals at your travel destination. This enables you to avoid overpriced restaurants and tourist traps. You ask the right questions, read local reviews and advice. That way, you make more informed decisions everywhere you go.

Without proper language skills, you can be stuck in a tourist spot and miss out on amazing local and cultural hotspots. Therefore, learn international languages to enjoy every trip you make to a foreign destination.

Why You Need to Quit Coffee When Traveling

Posted on 20 March 2019 (0)

If you’re a fan of coffee, you need to kick this habit when you decide to become a seasoned traveler. Coffee is amazing but it’s addictive. Coffee addiction can be a liability when it comes to traveling the world. The scientific community continues to debate the drawbacks and benefits of coffee. However, it’s apparent that coffee is addictive and its withdrawal symptoms tend to be brutal even for a short time. Here are the major reasons to quit coffee before you go on a long-term trip.

Getting a Cup of Coffee each Morning is Painful

While at home, you can stick to a coffee routine with ease. That’s because you have the freedom to brew coffee at home. You can also pick coffee at your favorite shop when going to work every morning. Your school or employer can also provide coffee. That means you have a predictable and regular source of coffee. But, things are different when traveling. You will be lucky if your hotel, AirBnB, or hostel provides it. If they don’t, you have to find coffee elsewhere. This will take time and cost you more money.

Coffee is Expensive

When traveling on a tight budget, you pay keen attention to every cent. Coffee will add up the cost of traveling. This will be a significant expense especially when traveling to destinations like Australia and Europe that are less cheap. Thus, quitting coffee will save you funds that you can use to travel longer.

Quality of the Coffee

When traveling, you are likely to drink terrible coffee. This doesn’t mean you can’t find good coffee when traveling. In fact, some cafes are incredible. However, finding a brew that is just the way you want it can be a real pain. It’s also expensive. These are just some of the reasons why you might settle for anything that you find with ease.

So, if you are a coffee addict and you want to travel the world, consider quitting coffee now to enjoy your travel. Need some more options on good coffee, check out another blog with more coffee options here, just in case you want some reserves for when you get back.

South Africa – Inspired Destination Within Your Reach

Posted on 26 February 2019 (0)

The beautiful country of South Africa represents some of the best the continent has to offer. Tourism there is rising as an increasing number of people are traveling to South Africa to take in its amazing sights. It is famous for being a diverse nation, particularly in languages, religious beliefs, and culture. Much to your surprise, they have a total of 11 different official languages. If you’re looking to visit the Republic of South Africa, there are so many things you can keep yourself engaged with. The country is amazing and is perfect for you if you’re looking for an outstanding and memorable holiday destination.


Home to some of the most distinct wildlife and plant species on Earth, South Africa possesses a natural beauty that’s hard to find anywhere else. It is a unique domain of the ‘Big Five’ and the rest of the smaller bits and Zim bobs. South Africa is the thrilling habitat of many new species including the gorgeous White elephant, thought to be a result of inter-breeding between a cheesy Swiss Blatter and a sharp, sparkling Jordaan, a domestic pet defined by a prominent nose and an oversized wallet.


There are several beautiful waterfalls where you can visit during your trip to the Republic of South Africa. Most of these waterfalls are located in Mpumalanga. When it comes to the most popular waterfalls, they include the Berlin Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls, Horseshoes Falls, and Lisbon Falls. If you want to have a glimpse at other waterfalls too, you can check out the KwaZulu Natal and the Drakensberg mountains.

Cape Town

Cape Town sits at the foot of Table Mountain, and it’s a fascinating city. Located right in the center of town, Table Mountain is a giant slab of sandstone that is home to thousands of special plants and animals. You can take cable cars or trails to the top for breathtaking views of both Cape Town and its coastline. Cape Town is also famous for its many national landmarks and wineries, but the rural countryside also produces a number of the best wines in the world.

If you like that sort of thing, there are colonial-style vineyards aplenty, and even if you aren’t a lover of wines – the wine regions themselves are both beautiful and rich with the history of early modern South Africa. Cape Town also includes scenic coastal excursions followed by an exciting ocean tour to see the world famous breaching Great White Sharks, Cape Fur Seals, Dolphins, and the Southern Right Whales.

Cultural heritage sites

The Republic of South Africa also features some of the world’s renowned cultural heritage sites. The Cradle of Humankind that you can find in the Gauteng province is the most popular one among them. This is one among the most impressive and largest fossil sites all across the world. There are more than three dozen fossil-bearing caves, including the Sterkfontein Caves, in this site.

Explore various travel possibilities, organized day tours, accommodation and car hire throughout South Africa on the internet at a trustworthy South African holiday booking website, and then wend your way south for an unbeatable Africa travel encounter.